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Purify Your Indoor Air with Trusted Service Throughout Raleigh, NC

The air quality in our homes can significantly affect how we feel, the ease with which we breathe, and even whether or not we get sick. At Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning, we put our quality service to work making your home's air as clean as possible. We specialize in air purifiers as well as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and proper ventilation techniques.

Air Filtration Systems

The best air filtration systems in the business can trap and eliminate almost 99% of harmful pollutants and particles in the air, and make your air quality the best it’s ever been. Air purifiers are some of the most trusted options for air filtration. We specialize in the installation of these as well as several other solutions ranging from High-Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) to devices that you can easily replace every month.

Our available air filtration systems include:

  • Air Cleaners/Purifiers
  • Media Air Cleaners
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Basic Air Cleaners
  • Air Filter MERV Rated Products

Germicidal UV Light Systems

These unique devices give off high-intensity light and help to eradicate germs and all other airborne contaminants in a room. Germicidal UV Light Systems also decrease the production of any new airborne bioaerosols by at least 50% in as little as 45 minutes, and they work in open spaces and HVAC systems alike.

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Do you want fewer dry sinus conditions, itchy skin conditions, and sore throats in your home? Do you want to keep the integrity of your wood surfaces intact? Our humidifiers and dehumidifiers can do all of this and more! Our company will make it so that you have greater control over humidity levels within your home.


Proper ventilation keeps air moving. It prevents air from becoming stagnant while not allowing dust mites and other harmful particles to settle and reproduce. Scientists estimate that there are more than 300 different chemicals used in home furnishings, from paints, finishes, and carpets to wood flooring, insulation, and furniture.

The Importance of Air Quality to You

Improved air quality will not only improve your family's health, but it will also advance your bottom line.

Here are a few benefits of better air quality:

  • Reduces illnesses in your home by up to 50%.
  • Improves the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.
  • Saves money over time in repairs and replacements.
  • Keeps heating and air conditioning components from corrosion, microbials, dirt, and debris.

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