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Clean Air and More Comfort for Your Home or Office

Even a new air conditioning system may not shelter your family from indoor toxins. Normal home air filters do a good job of keeping large particles from entering your home, however, these filters do not keep smaller particles such as viruses, bacteria, and spores from moving throughout your home. Having an advanced air cleaning and purification system is crucial in order to guarantee that you and your family are inhale the cleanest, freshest air possible.
Here at Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer air purification solutions that will allow you to clean the air of all three of the most common types of air pollutants – germs/bacteria, chemical odors, and airborne particles. With the Lennox PureAir system and the UV Germicidal Lights, you will breathe with confidence knowing that your air is clear of over 90% of viruses such as MSRA, flu, and colds.
PureAir Systems remove:
• 99.9% of all particles such as dust, pollen and pet dander.
• Over 90% of all viruses such as MSRA, flu, and cold.
• More than 50% of household odors and chemical vapors.
UV Germicidal Lights.
• Reduce concentrations of airborne microorganisms by 50%.
• Provide protection from germs without producing ozone.
• Can help improve the longevity of your current HVAC system.
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The Best Filters for a Home with Cleaner, Safer Air 

High-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) catch several particles that many standard home air filters do not, including allergy-causing microbes. Other home air filter possibilities include electronic and electrostatic models, which use charged particles to attract and capture over 99% of all debris in your home’s air. We offer the complete range of indoor air filters for your home. We also have hospital-grade air filters for customers with significant health concerns.

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