5 Simple Ways to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies this Winter

Yellow Dot October 18, 2018

Let’s face it. We’ve all heard the age-old do’s and don’ts about taking care of your plumbing system. Don’t wash food down the drain. Tissues and paper towels should never go in the toilet. Use a hair catcher in the shower or bath to prevent clogs.

While these are smart pieces of advice to follow, unfortunately, there are more common plumbing mistakes many homeowners make that can lead to expensive and damaging plumbing emergencies.

In this post, we’ll share five less obvious ways you can help prevent plumbing emergencies this winter, so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing everything you can to avoid a costly burst pipe or plumbing backup.

1. Stop Pouring Grease Down the Drain

You’ve probably heard this before and thought, “what’s the big deal?” Well, although grease becomes a liquid with a little heat or exposure to hot water, it will ultimately congeal in your pipes and cause a persistent clog. Instead, let the grease solidify and simply throw it away in the regular garbage bin.

2. Don’t Trust All “Flushable” Wipes

Flushable wipes are becoming increasingly popular across the United States, and while many of the top brands are genuinely safe for your plumbing system, but not all so-called flushable wipes are. Be cautious of the variety of wipes you buy, as cheaper brands may not break down well enough and could cause you a costly sewage backup.

3. Remove Hanging Objects from Exposed Pipes

Exposed plumbing pipes might seem like a convenient place to hang clothes, but these pipes aren’t meant to support weight. If you hang objects from your exposed pipes, you’re asking for a pipe to burst or crack under the pressure.

4. Get Rid of the Drop-In Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cleaning the toilet the old-fashioned way with a brush and toilet bowl cleaner might not be your idea of fun but using a drop-in toilet bowl cleaner could be a costly decision. In recent years, due to the damaging level of corrosive chemicals, toilet manufacturers have begun voiding warranties for customers who use drop-in cleaners. Save yourself the headache of having to replace your toilet and get rid of your drop-in cleaner today.

5. Be Kind to Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is one of the most convenient appliances you own. It takes so much hassle out of doing the dishes, cutting through seemingly everything you throw its way. Unfortunately, your disposal is not indestructible, and tougher foods like vegetable stalks, fruit pits, and bones can cause significant and costly damage.

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