Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips: Know the Warning Signs

Yellow Dot May 03, 2019
5 Warning Signs for HVAC Systems

HVAC Maintenance Tips

With the fall weather here to stay, homeowners across the country are shutting off their air conditioners and turning on their heating systems in preparation for the winter ahead. As Raleigh, NC’s preferred air conditioning service, we understand how proper HVAC maintenance can save homeowners money. When it comes to your home’s heating maintenance this fall season, you should be focused on preparing your home’s equipment for the workload ahead while identifying potential indicators of equipment failure before a breakdown happens this winter.

In this infographic, you’ll read some advice on the many warning signs you can look for this fall. Then, call Yellow Dot Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric, the heating and air conditioning service experts in Durham, NC, to prepare your equipment for the upcoming season.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

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