Start Off The New Year Right By Cleaning Your Air Filters

Person checking on HVAC air filter

You made it to the new year; congratulations! While some of us debate whether to make today the day we start the gym routine, it’s not today. There is one way we can quickly get our new year started on the right foot, and that’s by cleaning your air filters! Here are some reasons you want to clean those filters and avoid putting them off until tomorrow!

Saving Money

The most significant benefit that many homeowners gloss over when it comes to taking care of their air filters is the money they can save! Dirty air filters can put a strain on your HVAC system that can cause you to run your system longer than needed. By cleaning out your air filters, you can have a heating or cooling system that will run far more efficiently. You also avoid having costly repairs, and who doesn’t want to save more money?

Avoid Breathing Issues

Dirty air filters do more than collect dust; they can trap other allergens like pet dander, dead skin, and even mold! Having your air filters stay in your HVAC collecting these allergens can prove harmful to your lungs and cause respiratory issues.

Some of the common side effects of prolonged exposure to poor air quality are asthma, fatigue, and cold and flu symptoms. Dust can be aggravating, but you want to avoid mold build-up, potentially fatal if not cleaned.

Improve Your Home’s Ambiance

Let’s face it dirty air filters are gross, and your guests will quickly take notice if your home air filters are dirty! Not only will your home be hard to breathe, but it can also smell! A build-up of dead skin and dirt can create problems with your heating or cooling, creating foul smells that travel across your vents. Nobody is going to want to come over when your HVAC reeks.

Knowing When To Clean

The best time to clean your filters is roughly every two to three months. Turn off your HVAC system, and remove your filter. Vacuum up any excess gunk off your air filter, and wash the filter by gently running some water over the filter. Allow your air filters to dry before putting them back in your HVAC. You want to avoid mold growth, so thoroughly dry your filters. If you have replaceable filters, you can easily replace your filters and not need to worry about cleaning.

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