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EV Charging Station Installation in Raleigh

Electrical Panel & Car Charging Station Service in Wake County

There’s no mistake about it – electric vehicles are the future. And while they’re a cleaner, greener mode of transportation that can save you pain at the pump, EVs still require regular charging at specialized stations best installed by qualified electricians.

If you’re in the market for an electric car or need to update your residential or commercial property in Raleigh with an EV charging station, Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning has you covered. 

Our experienced electrical contractors provide EV charger installation services to homeowners, HOAs, and property managers across North Carolina. From electrical panel upgrades to installation of your EV charging system, we offer honest and reliable service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Learn more about our Raleigh EV charging station install services. Call (919) 925-4235.

The Benefits of Installing an EV Charing Station

Looking to install an electric car charger in your Raleigh home, multi-family property, or business? EV charging stations offer a convenient and reliable way to recharge your electric vehicle without the need to find public charging stations or wait around when you’re on the go. 

And with more automakers making the shift to all-electric fleets, having a charging station on your property can make it more attractive to potential buyers, tenants, and customers. It’s an investment in a sustainable future and the future of your home or business. 

Types of EV Charging Stations

But what type of EV charging station do you need? There are a few options and Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning can help find the best one for you. 

Level 1 chargers are the slowest way to charge an EV. They use standard 120-volt outlets (found in nearly every home and garage) and while they may be able to charge some plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) overnight, they’re not a great choice for EVs. They’ll provide just 2 to 5 miles of range per hour of charging. 

Level 2 chargers are the most common EV chargers found in homes and public charging stations. Providing around 25 miles of range per hour of charging, they can recharge the typical EV overnight and most PHEVs in a matter of hours. Level 2 chargers do require a 240-volt outlet, so if your house or property doesn’t have one, you may need to update the electrical panel, breaker, and / or other electrical systems. 

Level 3 charges are known as rapid / fast DC chargers. They’re 400-volts or more and can recharge an EV to 80% within an hour. Level 3 charging stations are more expensive to install and use and may not be an option for every home or even every EV.

Repairs & Electrical Panel Upgrades for EV Chargers

At Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning, our Raleigh EV charging station installers have helped property owners and businesses across Wake County outfit their properties with the right EV chargers for their vehicles and specific circumstances. We install charging systems for all makes of EVs, including:

  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Chevrolet
  • Hyundai
  • Ford
  • And more!

Our qualified electricians handle any necessary electrical upgrades your property may require to support an EV charging station, including repairing or replacing your electrical panel. If your current EV charging station is broken or performing poorly, we can also diagnose and repair the problem.

Call to Speak with a Raleigh EV Charger Installation Pro

Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing reliable electrical services in Raleigh and the surrounding areas for nearly 20 years, and has handled many projects involving the installation and servicing of EV charging stations. We’re available 24/7 and invite you to give us a call at (919) 925-4235 or contact us online to discuss the scope and cost of your project.

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