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A toilet is the most important fixture in your bathroom. But we typically don’t think about it until something goes wrong. When your toilet clogs or malfunctions, you just want it back to normal as soon as possible. In many cases a simple plunger is enough for unclogging your toilet. If it isn’t, we understand why you might avoid trying to fix it yourself.

Our Raleigh plumbing experts have years of training and experience. They can quickly identify the source of the problem and resolve things before your plumbing is damaged further. While clogs are the most common issue, your toilet could malfunction in a variety of other ways. They may originate in your toilet’s tank or deeper in the plumbing.

Our Raleigh technicians are provided with the specialized tools needed to reveal and repair all kinds of plumbing problems. We offer 24/7 emergency service because we understand why a broken toilet isn’t something you want to wait around for. When you include our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll have an unbeatable combination of convenient and reliable customer service.

Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning is your local contractor for toilet repair in Raleigh. For toilet unclogging or maintenance, give us a call at (919) 925-4235 or schedule an appointment online. We’ll help you as soon as we can!


A clog is the most common problem affecting your toilet, but it’s not the only one you may encounter. Depending on the location of the clog and its severity, professional tools and expertise might be required to complete repairs. If your toilet is leaking, wasting water or struggling with inadequate pressure, a plunger won’t help. Actually resolving the problem requires the right tools and professional plumbing experience.

Consider calling a trustworthy Raleigh plumber if your toilet is experiencing the following:

  1. Constantly running. This is generally a problem inside the tank. If internal mechanisms are damaged or out of alignment, your toilet will continue to flush water into the bowl. This can waste dozens of gallons of water. Adjacent plumbing may experience added strain, and your water bill could spike.
  2. Low water pressure. Inadequate water pressure will stop the flushing mechanism from working properly. Flushing repeatedly is wasteful and puts additional strain on the tank’s small components.
  3. Leaking. Leaks can also waste water as well as encourage mold or bacterial growth. Finding pools of water near the toilet is often evidence of a leak. But the leak may instead appear in sections of your plumbing more difficult to access. A professional Raleigh plumber can find plumbing leaks and patch them up, even if parts of the fixture or nearby piping have to be dismantled first.
  4. Cracks in the tank or bowl. While a crack may not always hamper how your toilet functions, it can still be a problem. Large cracks are unappealing and may result in cuts or other injury. Severe damage could cause the toilet to break entirely, forcing you to replace it.

Your Toilet Questions Answered

Why won't my toilet flush?

There are a few reasons your toilet might not flush. A common culprit is a clog in the drainpipe, either from waste buildup or an object.  Another possibility is a faulty flapper valve in the tank, which prevents water from refilling properly for a strong flush.  Less likely, but possible, is a problem with the fill valve not allowing enough water into the tank.

Why does my toilet keep clogging?

Frequent clogs can point to a few issues.  There might be excessive waste or unsuitable items being flushed.  Another possibility is a clog deeper in the drain line beyond the toilet itself.  If you haven't changed your toilet habits, a worn-out flapper valve or a venting problem could also be contributing to weak flushes that don't clear waste effectively.

How can I tell if my toilet flapper needs to be replaced?

Here are some signs your toilet flapper needs replacing:

  • Running toilet: If your toilet keeps refilling after flushing, even when nothing's wrong with the fill valve, it's likely the flapper isn't sealing properly.
  • Weak flush: A weak flush that doesn't remove waste effectively can indicate a worn-out flapper that's not providing enough pressure.
  • Visible damage: If you see cracks, tears, warping, or mineral buildup on the flapper, it's time for a replacement.

For a quick test, add a few drops of food coloring to the tank and wait. If the bowl water is colored after 30 minutes, the flapper needs replacing.

What is a toilet wax seal?

In plumbing, a toilet wax seal, also known as a toilet gasket or flange seal, is a waxy ring that sits between the toilet flange (the pipe outlet in the floor) and the toilet base. It creates a watertight seal to prevent leaks from the toilet bowl into the drain system and sewer gases from escaping into your bathroom.

You'll need a new toilet wax seal when:

  • Installing a new toilet: Whenever you install a new toilet, you'll need a new wax seal to ensure a proper fit and watertight connection.
  • Replacing a leaky toilet: If your toilet is leaking around the base, the wax seal could be worn out, cracked, or improperly installed. Replacing the seal can often fix the leak.
  • Repairing a toilet that has been rocking or become loose: Over time, the wax seal can deteriorate, allowing the toilet to loosen slightly. Replacing the seal can stabilize the toilet.

Note: While toilet wax seals are a common DIY repair, if you're uncomfortable with plumbing tasks, it's always best to consult a licensed plumber to ensure a proper and leak-free installation.

Toilet repair vs. replace: When should you install a new toilet?

Deciding between repairing your toilet or replacing it entirely depends on the severity of the problem and the age/condition of the toilet itself. Here's a breakdown to help you decide:

Repair Your Toilet If:

  • Simple issue: The problem is a minor one, like a faulty flapper valve, running fill valve, or a loose connection. These parts are readily available and relatively inexpensive to replace.
  • Toilet is newer (less than 10 years old): Newer toilets are generally more efficient and use less water per flush. Repairing a younger toilet might be more cost-effective than replacing it.
  • You're comfortable with DIY repairs: Fixing minor toilet issues can be a DIY project for those comfortable with basic plumbing tasks.

Replace Your Toilet If:

  • Multiple problems: The toilet has multiple issues like cracks, leaks from the base (indicating a faulty wax seal), or constant clogs. Fixing all these problems might be more expensive than replacing the entire unit.
  • Older toilet (over 20 years old): Older toilets are less water-efficient, and replacing them with a newer, low-flow model can save you money on your water bill in the long run.
  • Frequent clogs: If your toilet clogs frequently, even with proper use, it might indicate a problem with the toilet's design or a blocked drain line. Replacing the toilet can address these issues.
  • Cosmetic reasons: If your toilet is outdated or doesn't match your bathroom's aesthetics, replacing it can give your bathroom a refresh.


Under average use conditions, a quality toilet can function for decades. Ignoring problems will cut into this lifespan or result in additional issues elsewhere in your plumbing. Our Raleigh plumbing service pros can ensure your residential and commercial toilets are kept in the best possible shape. Family members and customers alike will appreciate our fast, friendly plumbing service.

Our toilet repairs in Raleigh are the best around. Whether you need help with toilet unclogging, minor repairs or new installation, Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning plumbers are ready to assist. We also offer other plumbing services like whole-home repiping or drain cleaning. Whatever you decide on, our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll be happy with the results.

Give us a call today at (919) 925-4235 to speak with our knowledgeable customer support. They can help you schedule your toilet Raleigh repair appointment or free, no-obligation consultation.

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