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Protect Your Wake County Home During an Emergency

Don’t wait until the next storm blows by to purchase a whole home backup generator in Raleigh or the surrounding areas. The best time to install a generator is right now; be prepared for bad weather by having a good backup system in place to offer power, comfort, and safety for your home.  Not only will Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning help you select the best backup generator for your home, but we’ll also support our installation labor with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is your home ready for the next big storm? Don’t delay – contact our Raleigh generator installation pros at (919) 925-4235 right away to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.

Why Should I Install a Whole Home Backup Generator?

Whole-home backup generators bring power to your Raleigh home and can function for days or even weeks if necessary. Generators are the best option for long-term power outages, as they eliminate the need to evacuate to a hotel or other lodging during an extended emergency. A suitably sized generator can run your home’s most important equipment and appliances during an outage.

What Appliances Can I Run On a Generator?

Which Is the Right Generator for My Raleigh Home?

Picking the right power generator for your home requires detailed consideration. Several things contribute to this decision, so it’s important to consult a professional electrician when choosing a generator. 

What Should I Look For When Buying a Generator?

  • Fuel type: Standby generators can consume natural gas, propane, or other fuels.
  • Size and wattage: Your generator should offer just the right amount of power for your home.
  • Transfer switch: Generators can have either manual or automatic switches.

The expert team of electricians in Raleigh at Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning can offer you the appropriate size and features for your home with your free estimate.

Ready to schedule an appointment for generator installation in Raleigh, NC? Then give our team a call at (919) 925-4235.

Does a Generator Need Maintenance?

Most power outages don’t last long, but you often can’t determine how many hours it will take to resolve. That's why it's imperative you have a whole-home generator to keep your power running. But, in order to keep this system running when you need it most, you'll need to invest in maintenance.

Benefits of Generator Maintenance:

  • You won’t have to suffer through a storm without power
  • You won’t have to evacuate to a hotel or other temporary lodging during a power outage
  • Refrigerators and freezers will continue to keep food fresh
  • Your internet will not be interrupted by the storm
  • Your devices will be safe from dangerous power surges with an uninterrupted current.

When Should You Replace a Generator?

A generators lifespan is typically based on how often it’s used. Most standby or whole-home generators can last for 10,000-30,000 hours. However, by investing in regular maintenance and necessary repairs, you can help extend this. Yet, even with tune-ups, there will come a time when your Raleigh home will require a new generator. That’s why it’s important you watch for any signs of a breakdown.

Signs You Need a New Generator:

  • If repairs are constantly needed
  • If the generator is starting to use more fuel
  • If the system struggles to power on during an outage
  • If your power fluctuates when the generator is running

If you’ve noticed any of the above issues, it’s best to contact our Raleigh generator installation team right away as delaying a replacement could result in your home going without power during the next storm. 

Keep your family safe from the dangers and discomforts caused by power outages! Contact Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning at (919) 925-4235 to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate and consultation for generator installation in Raleigh, NC.


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