How to Alleviate Power Outages During Severe Weather

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The Raleigh-Durham area may be far enough inland to avoid the worst of hurricane season, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the path of severe weather. The next time your power goes out in a storm, turn to your backup power generator for emergency power.

Reap the Benefits of a Backup Generator

In a power outage, a backup generator is your shield against the elements. Just because the rest of the block has gone dark doesn’t mean you need to suffer without power. Having a backup generator installed in your home:

  • Provides backup heat when the power goes out. Temperatures can plummet during winter. If a snow or ice storm takes out your power, a generator helps keep your home warm by powering your heater. Even gas furnaces need electricity to function, so get a whole-home generator installed even if your heat runs on natural gas.
  • Keeps necessary appliances running. It’s the first thing many families think during a long-term power outage: Well, there goes everything in the fridge. Protect your food supply by running your refrigerator, stove, and other necessary appliances with your emergency power generator.
  • Protects against power fluctuations. Power often fluctuates and surges as companies make their repairs. You can prevent damage to your appliances and electronics by having them hooked up to the steady power of a generator until the power is reliable again.
  • Makes your home less attractive to thieves. Some people try to take advantage of downed security systems. A home with a running generator is less attractive to potential burglars because it makes your home seem occupied and protected. This also means that having a whole-home generator may even lower your home insurance rate.
  • Powers electric wells for rural houses. Did you know that modern wells run on electricity? If your home uses a private well, a power outage could cut you off from a steady supply of clean water. Luckily, a generator is an easy fix to keep the H2O coming.
  • Charges your phone. This may seem like an unnecessary luxury in a power outage, but phones are a vital part of communication. As long as towers still function, you need your phone to let family members know you’re okay and to get news from emergency services.
  • Makes riding out the storm more comfortable. Between not stubbing your toes in the dark and avoiding excessive layering against a heatless night, having a generator simply makes your home more comfortable during a storm.

What Size Backup Generator Do I Need?

Whole-home standby generators run your entire household as normal. They connect to everything that’s hardwired into your electric system, like HVAC systems, well and sump pumps, water heaters, and large electric appliances. If you’re opting for a portable generator, calculate the wattage based on what you plan to have plugged in.

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Protect Your Family with Power Outage Safety Tips

If a storm knocks your power out, do you know what to do? Follow our power outage tips to stay safe until the lights come back on.

  1. Stay inside and away from downed lines. Storms usually cause outages by breaking power infrastructure. Report any downed lines as soon as you see them and never go near one, especially if there’s standing water on the ground.
  2. Keep flashlights handy. Even with a generator that powers your whole home, you may need to be able to access your breaker box to switch to generated power. Make sure you don’t go poking at your electrical box in the dark.
  3. Practice power outage food safety. If you don’t have a generator or yours isn’t working, make sure you know how long you can keep food. Open your refrigerator as little as possible and follow food safety guidelines on what to throw out after an outage.
  4. Keep portable generators outdoors. Many portable generators run on gas and emit carbon monoxide. They should always be run outdoors and away from windows to avoid suffocation hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning.

We’ll Install a Whole-House Generator in Raleigh, NC and Beyond

When you need an installation, we’re happy to be your generator company in Raleigh. Prepare your home for the next storm with a generator installation. To set your mind at ease, call us at (919) 925-4235 or request service online.

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