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Air Duct Sealing and Repair Solutions from Yellow Dot

Air Duct Repair and Sealing

Your air duct system is an intricate collection of conduits designed to evenly distribute “conditioned” heated or cooled air throughout each room in your home. Over time, air ducts systems can lose approximately 25 – 40 percent of the heating or cooling energy it puts out, mostly due to leaks. This leads to the air conditioning system working harder than it needs to, which in turn raises your home’s utility bill. In addition to higher utility bills, duct leakage has also been known to significantly reduce a home’s comfort levels.

If you’ve noticed a shift in comfort in your home, your air duct system may have a leak. With decades of experience dealing with various issues in the HVAC industry, there’s only one choice for all of your air duct sealing and repair needs – Yellow Dot Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric. Our technicians are trained to handle a wide variety of ductwork issues that range from a simple duct leakage to complete system overhauls.

Unsure if your air duct system needs repairing or sealing? Contact Yellow Dot today, and we will set up a FREE duct repair assessment at your convenience. It’s time you’ve experienced the Yellow Dot Difference.

Common Ductwork Efficiency Problems

Unless you are a trained and certified HVAC technician, it can be challenging to figure out why your home isn’t heating or cooling as it should. Rooms may be taking too long to reach the right temperature; some areas might be cooler while some might be hotter or your entire home might just be flat out uncomfortable. If you’ve found yourself in one or more of the above situations, these issues could be the result of one of the following ductwork problems:

  • Uh-oh, there’s a leak!: When your system has a leak, conditioned air will take longer to reach its supposed destination, therefore taking longer for the rooms in your home to be cooled or heated appropriately. Leaks may also allow outside pollution into your ductwork, negatively impacting your home’s indoor air quality if not addressed.
  • Ducts Have Sub-Par Insulation: Another key factor that keeps ductwork running effectively is its insulation. Failure to properly insulate your duct system will prevent the conditioned air from being delivered to its correct location. Yellow Dot offers complete ductwork solutions that include system insulation. Give us a call today so you can have your home’s comfort back.
  • Your Ducts May Need Repaired: There are any number of issues that could arise with your ducts throughout the year. It’s often difficult to identify the problem on your own, so make sure to call us, the experts, at 919-754-8686. Until we are able to make it out to check your ducts for any issues, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to help mitigate any problems as they arise.

Duct Repair Tips & Tricks

In between your annual or bi-annual visits from Yellow Dot Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric, it’s good to have some duct repair tips and tricks up your sleeve. Please keep in mind that only a trained and certified HVAC technician should diagnose and repair a leak or other issue in your duct system. Take a look at these tips to hold you over until Yellow Dot can come out and service your ducts.

  • Always make sure that furniture and other objects are not blocking the air flow that is coming from your duct registers.
  • Registers should also be free of dust and vacuumed often to avoid any air blockage.
  • If you suspect a duct leak, check your ducts for separations on portions that should be joined and any for any obvious holes.
  • Only a professional should be called to properly seal and redesign ductwork, or install supply and return registers.
  • Lastly, make sure that all vents and registers are well-sealed where they meet the floors, walls, and ceilings to prevent further leakage.

The Yellow Dot Promise

When you choose Yellow Dot Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric for all of your air duct repair and sealing needs you are also getting a promise. A promise that from our first initial consultation all the way to the project’s completion that you will be 100% satisfied.

Same price service, seven days a week, and a money-back guarantee – you cannot beat that! Contact one of our Yellow Dot Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric duct repair and sealing specialists today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation at phone.

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