The Benefits Of Replacing Your Outlets

Close up of an electrical outlet with USB ports

If you live in an older home, you may notice that old electrical outlets can have their quirks. While electrical outlets have a relatively long lifespan, that does not mean you need to put up with outdated designs and be held back from enjoying the conveniences of modern electrical designs. Here are some of the benefits of upgrading the electrical outlets across your homes.

USB Outlets

One of the most underrated upgrades that many homeowners need to take advantage of when upgrading their outlets is USB ports! With older electrical outlets, you can connect your phone’s charges via the prongs located on the outlet, which means less space for other electronics. While you can take out a power strip, you may risk overloading your outlets by having several electronics plugged into one outlet.

With modern electrical outlets, you can have a USB port installed alongside three-pronged fixtures to quickly connect your smart devices across your home. Not only can this free up space for other appliances, but it cuts down on the number of charging cable adapters you need across the house.


For homeowners with family members or loved ones that have difficulty reaching certain outlets, you can install new outlets in convenient locations to help. New electrical outlets are also convenient for more appliances running across your home. So long are the days of looking for an extra outlet to be able to charge your phone.

Electrical Safety

Upgrading old outlets can be a great safety precaution as older outlets are prone to damage from debris or regular usage. Plastic casings tend to wear down over the years due to metal prongs scratching components, and eventually, this damage can lead to malfunctions in the outlet. With proper upgrades, you can avoid the smell of burning plastic in your home and make sure that your electrical outlets are not propane to any safety hazards.


Older outlets can be troublesome when it comes to your utility bills as loose or damaged components can be costing you money. If you notice that plugged-in appliances are not secure, this can lead to wasted energy on top of potential dangerous sparks. With new electrical outlets, you can consult with the electrician about upgrading circuits to ensure that your new outlets will be capable of your needs and avoid overloads. You will be able to make your home more energy-efficient, but you can have more control over your utility bills.

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