Should You Replace Furnace & AC at the Same Time?

Should You Replace Furnace & AC at the Same Time?

Should You Replace a Furnace and AC at the Same Time?

Replace your furnace and air conditioning system at the same time to reap cost and efficiency benefits. Newer HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems have higher minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEERs), so replacing both systems at the same time will result in being both matched for more efficiency and more cost-effective. In other words, this will help increase your total system performance because your AC and furnace are mechanically matched to operate specifically together as one system.

How Does a Furnace Work with an AC Unit?

Your air conditioning and furnace work together to make your home comfortable. This works because your furnace heats the air in colder weather, then the air conditioner uses the air blower inside the furnace to circulate air.

There are some additional ways your furnace works with your AC, including:

  • The air conditioner evaporator coil removes heat during warmer weather
  • The compressor circulates cold air through the evaporator coil and expels any warm air outdoors
  • The thermostat sets the air temperature, sending signals to AC or furnace systems

Do You Need to Replace a Furnace and AC Unit?

Many homeowners choose to replace both systems due to the benefits mentioned above. Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning in Raleigh, NC, is equipped to replace both your air conditioning and furnace systems at the same time.

Is It Cheaper to Replace a Furnace and AC Together?

HVAC system replacement costs can be an unforeseen expense. So how much can you expect a new furnace and AC system to be in Raleigh? Like models of cars, there are options available that depend on the manufacturer and other options that depend on the type of home and homeowner. Newer models tend to be 15–20% more efficient than older systems.

Quality heating and cooling companies offer financing programs to help the homeowner install a new system for $0 with the first payment due usually 30 days later. The price for a new HVAC system for a particular home varies depending on the options selected by the homeowner, but in general smaller homes under 2,000 square feet may range from $70-$150 per month for a fixed rate payment. Larger homes and multiple-story or multiple-family homes may range from $125-$450 per month or more.

Furnace and AC Replacement in Wake County

Yellow Dot of Raleigh, NC, provides free estimates to review furnace and air conditioner options with you to ensure your HVAC system replacement project will go as smoothly as possible, and within your budget. Our team looks forward to saving you money long-term by making your AC and furnace more efficient than ever. Contact us to discuss the best solution for you. Call us at 919-925-4235 or request service online.

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